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8 Apr

So I just stuck a post up on It was a blog i intended to share here because it was more personal/reflective than the authoritative/debate starting type blogs I usually try and do on prognosis.

I hope no one comes back at me for writing in correct stuff about death and stuff, but even if they do, hopefully it will help me understand the Biblical perspective of death.

The more and more we blog about this that and everything, the more I’m convinced that the Cross shapes our thinking on ALL matters (even where I left my fone!)


2 Responses to “New post on”

  1. Larry 14/04/2008 at 8:56 am #

    what got you thinking about death to start with?

  2. sammydaviesjr 15/04/2008 at 1:05 pm #

    Oh, a much loved sister died about 2 weeks ago, it’s been on the cards for bout 6months, but you still cry. Mainly it was a mix of the emotions I felt and witnessing the old wife crying.

    There’s nothing like seeing your wife crying to start you off!

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