New Videos on proGnosis.

9 Apr

While Jonny Raine (aka JayRay aka Rainman aka SaintJonny) serves as theprognosis techie, I seem to be serving as the visuals guy.

Jon Thomas showed me this blog earlier today,, it’s in welsh, but as far as I’ve seen all their posts are done via video. Jon was distraught. “That’s what we’re aiming for…they’ve beaten us :.(   ”
So I dug a little deeper.

Turns out as prognosis, we already had more videos up than they did…plus I have a shed load more of interview style ones on my external hard drive. “So heck,” I thought, “Why not upload a few more? I’m not keeping them just for me!” I already had 3 from Kevin Adams (legend by the way) which I’d already finished editing so these seemed the easy hit. As I write this 2 have gone up and the 3rd (also in welsh e-boys) is uploading (is it just me or has youtube gotten really slow for uploading?).

Check them out…and check out the proGnosisvideos on youtube as well.



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