The Curse of the Pendulum…

15 Apr

The Pendulum, a wonderful invention/discovery. It’s most important use is time keeping, where would we be without it? Late, that’s where! But I’ve been thinking recently not about a physical pendulum, but the pendulum of the Church.The Church, like a pendulum, is always reacting. In the pendulum it’s reacting to gravity, which means it’s nearly always accelerating(or decelerating for those with who hate to think about retarding acceleration). In the Church it’s reacting to “false teaching” or “issues.” Is there one period of Church history that can’t be described by the issue of the day or the fad of the last decade that they were trying to eradicate? Today we suffer the pendulum swing away from legalism. All the ‘kids’ brought up in strict, “boring” churches hate all that stuff and so have swung from legalism to licence, where God’s authority and reverence of Him have been thrown out with the bath water.

The thing with the pendulum, like the church, is when they reach one extreme, they turn around and head right for the other extreme. Spending most of their time at one extreme or another and very little in that happy place called a centre.

Thoughts, hang ups, what to do next? I have none, it’s just an observation. I’m heading to theproGnosis now though to fill this blog out and see how many other pendulum/church analogies I can come up with!


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