Look at me I’ve gone all Digical and that.

29 Apr

So, what do you need to be a super cool tech guy in this day in age? A tidy email address? Check! Your own blog? Check! How about your own domain? Check! That’s right, I’ve recently acquired saintbeagle.co.uk so that I can put all the websites i make on my little computer ‘live’ on the tintraweb. Hopefully I’ll be migrating this blog over to blog.saintbeagle.co.uk but first i need ot figure out a few things like: How do you get your current blog to a url of your own (rather than .wordpress.com) and how do you fiddle your server so that it has wordpress on it (but only in that sub-domain)

All very interesting I’m sure but any advice feel free just underneath me here…


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