Doctor Who and Jesus.

7 May

I love Dr.Who. The show and quite possibly the character (although if you watch it you’ll know his name isn’t Dr.Who, it’s just the Doctor). I love the tackiness, I love ‘always at the last minute’ nail bite that seems to occur week in week out. I really love the 2 and 3 parters. I got to thinking after last weeks episode (essentially the Doctor was going to sacrifice himself for planet earth) that maybe I like it so much because it tells alot of THE great story.

Yes yes, we all know. Most stories are so appealing to us human beans because they mirror aspects of the Bible story which, even if we haven’t read it, is ingrained in our very essence. So how is Doctor Who like the Bible?

1) The Doctor seems to have an awesome amount of love, time and attention for a human race which really doesn’t seem that important or even that worthy. The fella is obsessed with us. Okay from time to time he might go save another species but it wont be long before he’s back sorting out ‘mans’ issues. Does this ring a bell? Romans 5:8 basically says, “even though we were far from worth it, God loved us enough for Jesus to die for us”

2) The human race in Doctor Who land seems totally incapable of helping themselves. Even though he’s always back fighting of some sort of danger they never seem to learn or in fact get themselves out of harms way. Romans 3:23, “no one is good enough, we’ve all sinned, we all for short of the standard.” See, the Bible says that in real life we can’t look after ourselves and generation after generation makes the same mistakes. Everyone needs helping.

So there are just 2 similarities, I’m sure there’s more. But now for the difference.

The Doctor has to keep coming back, always fixing the mess. Jesus fixed it once good and proper. 1 Peter3:18, “For Christ died for sins once for all, the righteous for the unrighteous, to bring you to God. He was put to death in the body but made alive by the Spirit,” When Jesus comes back it wont be because we’ve got ourselves into another pickle, some sin or other come back to haunt us that he needs to banish again. It’ll be to complete what he’s already started, saving us by dying for us.

Last week the doctor could have saved earth by dying for it. Events transpired that someone else died and the earth was saved. But had the doctor died, it would have only been a help for a small time. A century down the line Earth would have needed saving again and then they wouldn’t have had their precious doctor. Every time someone realises they need salvation they don’t come to a dead Christ, they come to a Risen King.


One Response to “Doctor Who and Jesus.”

  1. Larry 07/05/2008 at 7:15 pm #

    As someone who never watches DW, this was a very interesting read.
    It is something that should amaze us more the God so directs and plans events and society that there are so many pointers to Christ in the world. Quite often people get caught up in the debate over particular/unlimited atonement, believing that this means God will only save five people and a goat. How little do we know of the deep reality of God’s evangelistic heart, in shining forth the world over the Gospel Light.

    How often does Dr Who get rejected and hated by those he came to save?

    Just thinking things over the imperfections of Dr Who as a type of Jesus (and ur blog is good, im not denying the parrallels you highlight) to me only adds to the glorious mind boggling heart warming God-glorifying reality of who Christ is and what He does.

    Cheers for the thoughts.
    As a cheesy link check out the sermon of the week on Photizo – id love to know what u thought of it.

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