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19 Jun

…four books. Well you say that but you always tend to lean towards two I reckon. I currently have book marks in, “They like Jesus but not the Church” – Dan Kimball, “Young, Reformed and Restless” – Collin Hansen , “Worship Matters” – Bob Kauflin, “Miracle at Speedy Motors” – Alexander McCall Smith.

I’m a big Mcall Smith fan (well actually only the Botswana books, the Scotland ones make me cringe) and it’s always nice to escape to ‘simpler times’ but what I’m really tearing through at the moment are the YR&R and Worship Matters. Kimballs book is very good, my friend Jay Ray reviewed it a while back. Even though it’s written in an American Context and deals with these ‘American Themes’ what he writes i very applicable to all cultures I should imagine. I know it’s relevant to life over here. Check out Jons review for that.

Worship Matters, this is the one Pete Greasley threw at me (the claim for compo is pending). I thought it would be a book only applicable to music leaders, but the further I get in the more i’m convinced it’s for everyone, whether he intended it to be or not. Worship is something we all should be doing and something we all probably have mis-conceptions about. Kauflin seems to be building from basics (which i usually hate) but applying in ways i’d never have thought. So far a defo check it out, a fuller review will appear on proGnosis when I’m done.

YR&R I’m finding quite confusing at the moment. Not in terms of the level, I think most of my youth club could understand it. But rather what he’s trying to achieve. I really do plan to review this one fully over on proGnosis. I am really enjoying it, but so far it’s feeling a little like propaganda rather than the impartial investigation I thought it would be. Still, worth checking out.

Not very deep, but after all I am READING them (note not yet read!) Watch proGnosis for fuller reviews.


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