Firefox 3.0 …does it need a smarter title?

23 Jun

firefox logoSo it’s finally here. I say finally, it actually snuck up on me! It’s not been long since Firefox went 2.0 on me!!
Seriously though, a few nights ago, banished to the bedroom to watch Euro 2008 on the BBC iPlayer (which really wasn’t working, i’m guessing due to excessive numbers of people watching France vs. Italy) I stumbled upon an article on BBC News website in the technology section. Essentially it told me that 3.0 was now ‘out there’ for the last 2 hours. So off I trotted to find, install and sit smuggly (on my own in my room).

What did I get? Well, for a start, I like the new ‘toolbar’. I like the big round bak button, the home buttonj has just teh right ammount of shine to it and there’s a little star in the address bar I can click on to quickly bookmark a page. All pretty asthetic, but I like asthetic.

Keen to make the most of this new software I did some browsing to find out what new features it had. One feature was being touted above all others, the AWESOME BAR. Basically it’s a kind of mix and match between a search engine and an address bar (it searches your browsing history). To begin with I found it quite awkward. On 2.0 to get to the bbc home page I’d type ‘bb’ then press down and enter. There. Done. (from there i’d usually go straight to BBC Sport). But with this new awesome bar other things were popping up first, things like bbc sport or bbc iplayer. They seemed to me to be getting in the way.

That was until I figured it out. Now I realise if i want iplayer, i start typing ipla and I’ve found it. If I want to go to a wikipedia page I’ve visited recently I start typing the subject of the page and it finds it. The awesome bar really is awesome.

Another feature I’m really loving is my feed reader (i know it was available in 2.0 but teh desire to get more out of my 3.0 browser led me to instal an add on.) Now, if i want to check if a blog I read daily has been updated or not, instead of visiting 6 blogs all in turn, I press one button and it feeds me all the updates…genius! The only problem being that it’s so time efficent that I don’t really need to use the tintraweb very much any more and may have to do some work…

Two Thumbs Up!


One Response to “Firefox 3.0 …does it need a smarter title?”

  1. Larry 24/06/2008 at 10:39 am #

    I like a new gadget on blogroll/blogspot that displays all my linked blogs in order of last updated. Tres useful at saving time.

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