Braving Bertha and the Bermuda Triangle!

17 Jul

Two weeks come and go…and at last I’m back on Her Majesties fine soil. One of the things I miss most about Wales (and the UK) when I go abroad is the grass. I know it sounds crazy, but no one else can grow the same grass as we grow…I missed it. While I was away I was able to finish the books I said I was reading (and promised to review) and have to say they were excellent. I’ve reviewed two over on proGnosis and am currently reading “The Disciplinie of Grace” by Jerry Bridges which I’m enjoying immensly.

So what did I discover on my two week sun fest (I went to Florida).

1) Sitting on your bum reading books and listening to good sermons is a privaledge. The time a holiday provides is invaluable and my cup has been filled up by the books and sermons i got through. I read Worship Matters, They Like Jesus But Not the Church, Discipline of Grace…and listend to Piper on teh Psalms and Driscol’s Christ on the Cross and JT on being a pharisee. All VERY good.

2) Those travel neck things really are worth their weight in gold. I’d never used one before and always get uncomfortable flying. This year I thought, “Blow it I’ll splash the cash” (about £3!!!) and was really very impressed. I’d recommend.

3) Check where you’re flight goes before you book. I literally didn’t know untill i sat in my seat that it was ‘via Bermuda’. Apart from the added time this caused we had to brave Hurrican Bertha on the way back. To be honest I couldn’t believe they flew through it! But it was all fun none the less.

Cheers for the suggestions on what to do videos for, when i get time I’ll have a go.


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