Pimping Out my Web Browser with Chrome

3 Sep

You may remember a short while ago I blogged about the release of Firefox 3.0. Since that blog I’ve gotten into using different web browsers. I was quite excited to find out that IE 8 was in beta, so I downloaded it but to be honest was quite disappointed.  It was the same old ugly IE just with Firefoxes ‘awesome bar’ thrown in. So I’ve not used it that much. I’ve also downloaded and used quite a bit of Safari. But ultimatley the look and feel of Firefox has kept me coming back time after time (plus my favourite plug ins are for Firefox)

Yesterday however I read the news that Google was going to way in with it’s own browser. A browser it boasted that had taken the best from Apple ad Mozzila and added to it themselves. Excited I downloaded and was pleased to find a very clean, easy looking UI. The awesome bar is there (good news) and there are a few new features (undercover tabs called ‘incognito’ where nothing is stored from your browsing), independant tabs (if one breaks teh rest keep going) etc. 

So far so good, I like. Haven’t figured out how to install plugins for it like the feed side bar I use in Firefox. I could definatley see me switching to Chrome from Firefox…or better still see firefox incorporate some of these clever new ideas in teh next installment.

Anyone else used it? What do you think?


One Response to “Pimping Out my Web Browser with Chrome”

  1. Larry 07/10/2008 at 7:56 pm #

    incognito.. or how Google helps the porn industry and undoes thousands of pounds of research done by accountability software producers.
    which one u staying with.. i ❤ my firefox

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