Why oh why…

15 Oct

Would you want to ‘buy’ something on a ten year credit agreement?!? What do we have these days (except maybe a house) that we still want in 10years time? What do we have that will still be use-able in 10years time?

The way I see it (and correct me if i’m wrong) is that if i bought a car or new sofa or new double glazed windows on 10year credit by at least half way through I’d want shot of them! Meaning I’d have 5 years of paying for something i didn’t want!?!?

The lunacy of all this buying on credit has hit me recently as I’ve become a financial adviser for students. It’s inspired a post on the subject over on theproGnosis. If you’re reading this…then you probably have seen it. But hey, at least I got to have a slightly less spiritual rant about it!


One Response to “Why oh why…”

  1. Larry 15/10/2008 at 3:19 pm #

    I’m going to be contraversial and comment on the Proggy version here cos i am sick of seeing my name in the Prog recent comments box. (I dont want to overstay my welcome)

    a) yes it is stupid, but it allows you to start saving up to pay it off maybe? My parents recentl bought a sofa -0 what a beaut with electric reclining foot rest !!!! – with 1 yr sans payments and no interest on it. i am guessing they are spending this year (no pun intended) saving up to pay off the sofa. A year deal makes sense to me… a 5 year deal..not so much.

    By the way Sammy congratulations you are one of a very select number of people who are currently making money out of money!!

    b) in terms of heavenly mindset (Col 3:1-3 slams that home esp in the NIV with set “hearts and minds” on things above. One of the biggest blessings of living with Christ now is that we get to contemplate on the richness of eternity. The “here but not here” of the kingdom makes the coming fullness appear amazingly rich and abundant – as it will be.

    c) Generally thinking big things about God helps so much to keep us focused on what matters. (and big is BIGGEST and LOUDEST in true Gospel preaching!)

    right.. off to work for larry

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