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22 Oct

Okay, maybe just reviews. In an effort to keep the posts coming (I suffer chronically from posting 2 or 3 times then nothing for a month) I’m going to take the time to review all the blogs I link to from this blog. I read these blogs everyday (actually if work is slow 6-7 times a day) and really would recommend them to anyone who reads this blog.

I’ll review them in the order that I list them on my page “Blogs I Read…” as that just seems sensible. So to kick it all off:

proGnosis began in March 2007 by one man’s vision. That man got together two of his mates in a coffee shop, who rattled their brains to come up with a name that describes what they intended to do. Since they are progressive and aiming to further their knowledge of God and the Christian faith (gnosis is Greek for knowledge) they came up with proGnosis. They roped in two of their other mates and started a group blog. When another mate started making perceptive comments they asked him to join. Then they decided they wanted to do more than just a blog and so they relaunched in April 2008 with articles, videos and sermons to download.

They have a few Pastors, some Bible School guys and Huwie (not sure about him, he’s a loose cannon). The posts tend to be a mix of attempts at teaching, thought provoking prose concluding in a question for thought and discussion, re-posting of some videos and just general musings. The thing that links them all together is the attempt to interpret culture and ministry via the Gospel. Some times it’s done well, some times not so well, but always well intentioned (and thoroughly Reformed).

The authors:
Tom Clewer: Seldom heard from but apparently the man whose vision set the wheels in motion. Tom’s posts are usually well thought out and clear to follow. They provoke little disagreement (which goes to show what some planning can do) but are always very timely. For example this little beaut about ASBO Grannies.

Jonny Raine: The self styled, ‘punk-pastor,’ Jonny is a little less academic to read (than everyone apart from Jon Thomas BTh), that is unless you count the Flatland series. The thing with Jonny is that his passion for Church planting (and simple church) always come through. Nice to read as he has a cheeky edge to his writing. Often you sense a hint of his devils advocate trying to poke through. In his comments he’ll often shed light on a topic from a totally new angle.

Jon Thomas: The grand dad of the group (at 46yrs young), Jon posts in fits and starts. Usually provokes outrage by being sarcastic and is quick to come round to the view point of those that oppose him. If Jon showed a little more fight people may come round to his way of thinking, but alas he has a gentler heart than I!

Lewis Roderick: Often misunderstood, always well intentioned, this fine young man is obsessed with confessing to the saints (that means blogging about what he’s done wrong). Lewis’ posts, like Jonny Raines, are saturated in a love for the gospel. If you speak with or read anything by Lewis the word Grace isn’t far away (whether that be his topic or something he’s asking for in light of what he’s written)

Sammy Davies: That’s me! I try and provoke thought and discussion so that the group can come to a conclusion. My posts often end with a question.

Huwie Williams: My favourite to read, he’s just cleverer than the rest put together. With a smashing turn of phrase and a knack for twisting culture into a gospel mold, he’s a jolly welcome recruit! He the addition mentioned above (and the loose cannon). His comments are also a source of encouragement as he always seems to bring discussion back to the heart of the issue.

And that’s the gang. Check them out and be sure to comment!


3 Responses to “News & Reviews”

  1. Larry 22/10/2008 at 10:49 am #

    I’ve never met the fellow, but doesn’t Saint Jonny have an “e” on the end of his name. Don’t want to raine on his parade .. (its early, im laughing)
    **Noted and Corrected SDJ**

  2. étrangère 23/10/2008 at 3:16 pm #

    Hi Sammy, good to see you’re on the blogosphere and going strong. Think I got here through Bish’s blog in a roundabout way. You’re kinda right that he’s a UCCF staffworker – he’s actually a team leader now. How’s things?

  3. sammydaviesjr 23/10/2008 at 4:15 pm #

    A ha! Rose. I am well thanks very much. I thought I was close to the money (but apparently to lazy to check it up!)

    How are you, enjoying Church in the land of Chocolate?

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