Just a quickie…

23 Oct

…About encouraging others. I wrote a post over on theproGnosis about it a while back. It was inspired by other portions of scripture but the application was pretty much the same.

“The same as what?!” I hear you cry. Well the same as the niggling feeling I’ve had since I listened to a sermon on Philemon (pronounce it how you want I really don’t care) and led a study on it Wednesday night. Paul lets Philemon know that he’s a big encouragement to him and thanks God for a few things he’s noticed in Philemon.

This got me thinking again about how important it is to share with others how they encourage us and how awesome it is to have something along those lines told to you (not in a self-glorifying way hopefully, but rather a sense of achievement. After all we are left here to make and mature Christ followers and encouraging each other  is a big part of both).

Anyway, take a look at it and resolve to share more readilly what really refreshes you about your brothers, sisters, co-workers in Christ (I think Mahaney calls it identifing evidences of Grace). Oh and be ready and willing to be told by others!


2 Responses to “Just a quickie…”

  1. Larry 23/10/2008 at 4:33 pm #

    Pronounce it how you want? Sammy I was joking about Habbukukuk. I asked someone for a Sprite here recently. Thinking the french might pronounce it differently I asked for a “spreeete”… “vous voulez un Sprite, ok” replied the waiter with a very patronising look!

  2. sammydaviesjr 24/10/2008 at 7:39 am #

    It wasn’t a reference to that. We had big arguements in our Bible study over it. For fun I am now leaning towards Phi (the greek letter) Lemon (the sour fruit).

    Onesimus is even more versitile. Again for fun I’m going to continue with Onesi (as in ‘one z’, what you might call long jonny things they used to wear in victorian times…or what a mormon wears!) mus.

    Oh the laughs we have!

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