ASBO Grannies?

2 Dec

So Tom was nearly there when he blogged about ASBO Grannies. “Nearly where?” I hear you cry (or more likely ‘sigh’) nearly at my next blog review.

This time it’s the turn of Asbo Jesus.

I read (or look at…not sure what you do with cartoons) Asbo Jesus to get the old mental cogs going and to sometimes raise a smile. The thing with Asbo is that whether or not I agree with the message behind the cartoon (which in truth is usually left ambiguous) it still usually gets me thinking about a topic or a current event or even a hot potatoe.

I have to be honest, I find the comments…hmmm…what’s the opposite of edifying. So I tend to stay away from there. More often I’ll smirk as Jon Birch (the artist/author) triggers a thought, emotion or memory and challenges my perceptions. Again, I often disagree with what I perceive to be the message behind the cartoon but that doesn’t really matter. He’s not trying to convince me, he’s trying to engage me. That he does, very well. 

Sometimes the cartoons are just down right funny, they don’t get me thinking, they just get me laughing.

I suggest you take a look, especially at the earlier ASBO’s as there are some really good ones early on. Don’t expect down the line reformed theology portrayed in picture…you simply wont get it. Do expect to be given a kick up the back side, what ever you believe. 

Peace Out.


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