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8 Dec

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Hopefully it’s over there to your right for the time being. Else try clicking here. It’s a continuation of a series I started on SaintBeagle when I darent have posted on prognosis. Please have a look. is traditionally where I do my series blogging. However while you’re here…

(However if you can’t be bothered to read my ramblings then plesae still do scroll to the bottom and answer my question)

I’ve already started to enjoy the Christmas festivities. The tree is up (real tree, I don’t belive in fakes), some presents are wraped and last night I went to my first Carol Service. It was that of Darganfod, my churches Welsh language service. 

We had mince pies, carols, mulled wine and Steffan Jones, UCCF staff worker for Aberystwyth. All in all it was a cracking little night. I never new I liked mulled wine, I didn’t realise spelling mistakes on hymn sheets could be so amusing, I hadn’t realised Steffan was such a clear speaker and I also hadn’t realised the impending nature of my own Carol Concert performance.

On the 21st of December I shall be speaking in Ammanford Community Carol Service. Exciting? Yes. Scary? You bettcha! Christmas is for some reason the time people ‘outside’ the Church are most likely to be in contact with the Gospel. A heavey responsibility to bear. So something I should get thinking and praying about I’m sure.

I’ll leave you with a question, “What was your favourite Carol Service and why?” (If you’d care to include the jist of the talk to hepl get my juices flowing I’ appreciate it!)


One Response to “Sammy has a new post…”

  1. Larry 08/12/2008 at 9:32 pm #

    Gosh. I actually can’t remember. Last year’s one I heard was kacktasmagorical.
    Brilliant little song related to your latest proggy post here called all my shame “”

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