The Importance of a Good “Quiet-Time” Spot

31 Dec

It’s an often assumed by seldom practiced activity. The quiet time. By this I mean time spent, quietly, reading God’s Word, contemplating it, studying it, praying through it. But I’m not here advocating the importance of the quite time itself, rather the location of it’s happening.

Quiet times are difficult enough as it is. For the past few months I’ve been doing mine after a wash, brush of the teeth and a with a cup of coffee by my side. My spot has been a comfy arm chair in my front room. Unfortunately this hasn’t made for a very good quiet time ‘spot’. I’ve been juggling Bible, note book, commentary, bagel, coffee and hyperactive cat all in my lap.  Even when I got 5min concentration out if myself, it was quickly shot to shreds by crumbs in the spine of my Bible, coffee spilt on the floor, cat wanting to read the Bible or the wife rushing in and out getting ready for work.

This last week though, I’ve been staying with my in-laws. Their guest room came equipped with a desk. Oh how it changed those clumsy flick through Scripture! No worry about spilling, knocking, cat attacks, books over lapping and constantly shutting. I’ve even been able to add a new book to the quite time arrangement, “The Valley of Vision” Puritan prayer book. It made me realise how important it was where you do your quiet time. The specific spot. Free from distractions.

We already have too many things that distract us. For me they include, Cat standing on Bible, Crumbs in my books, a laptop near by (on or otherwise), people using a thouroughfare, mobile too close. We should be thinking through the unnecessary attention grabbers and where we can be quiet and alone with God.

Where do you do your quiet times? Thought about changing? What things do you have to avoid to get it done?


One Response to “The Importance of a Good “Quiet-Time” Spot”

  1. Larry 02/01/2009 at 1:02 am #

    I have to avoid chores, blogs, sleep, and my mind’s endless processing of day dreams and to do lists.

    I once stayed somewhere where I had a desk in my room, though I chose to have my quiet time in their living room…. Very pharaisaical in hindsight.

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