Spectacular Sins

10 Feb

It doesn’t take long. Finishing this little gem from the pipe cleaner that is.

Be warned, if you don’t want your view of God challanged then don’t read!

What piper does excellently is take what is probably the biggest objection to reformed thinking, that is that God did nothing while Jesus suffered, and steadily builds an extremly scripture soaked response. He shows how God remains righteous no matter what man (or the devil) does, how Gods uttmost concern isn’t to save a people for Himself but rather to see Jesus glorified as much as possible, how more than permitting sin, God foreknew it and wove it to his plan to redeem man and ultimately glorify Jesus.

It’s an awesome, accesible (I’m big on avcesability) read that won’t take you too long and will leave you searching, even in mist of sin, for the purpose of God and the glory of Christ.

A must read, 5 fish for top cat.



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