There’s a Gospel Illustration in There.

26 Feb

It’s taken me a day to get over, to prepare myself and finally be ready to write about it. Swansea being knocked out of the FA Cup by Fulham that is. For those of you who don’t know, Championship Swansea gave Premiership Fulham a bit of a battering in the first tie only to be held to a draw and be forced to replay the match. Cue Swansea taking a lead and almost holding on to get into the quarter finals only to be thwarted by two late goals to send them crashing out. I am truly gutted. But where’s the Gospel in that?

Well, any Swansea fan will tell you that they were robbed, that they’d been good enough to go through. But like in the FA Cup, it doesn’t matter if you miss by a millimetre or a mile with God’s perfect standard, you’re still out. For all the hard work and effort they put in Swansea might have well of been beaten 9-0 in the first fixture, the end result would have been the same. The standard was set, score more goals than the other team in 90minutes and your through. Swansea didn’t. The standard has been set, live a life of total worship,devotion and obedience to the God who made you and reap the rewards. We don’t.

It also highlights what Tim Keller writes about in his book, The Prodigal God. See there are two ways Swansea could have been knocked out. Firstly, the humiliating, not even close, no where near good enough 9-0 defeat. The younger brother. Secondly, the ‘we fought and battled and should have won’ Swansea. The elder brother.

The difference is, and this is what Keller talks about, is that the younger brother or the humiliated Swans know they weren’t good enough. While the elder brother, the almost beat them Swans are deluded. The fact is they didn’t make the grade. They missed by a millimetre, they may have well missed by a mile.

The difference between the Swansea Fulham clash and the Gospel is obvious though. Swansea could only make it on their own strength, its the only avenue available to them (except maybe a by). With the Gospel we have another way to ‘reach the quarters’ and that is Jesus.


2 Responses to “There’s a Gospel Illustration in There.”

  1. dave bish 26/02/2009 at 12:19 pm #

    We could say the gospel believes in FA cup upsets, it lets the little guy win… Or we say, that’s The Myth of Evolution that let’s the underdog overcome and triumph.

  2. sammydaviesjr 27/02/2009 at 8:56 am #

    Lol. All illustrations break down and I think if we started to talk about little guys winning then the illustration above would be in tatters.

    I do like the idea of evolution giving the underdog a ‘helping hand’ though.

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