Suicide Training

13 Mar


Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training

Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training

I spent the last two days at an ASIST workshop. I found it extremely worthwhile and would recommend anyone else go on it if they can (it cost £185 though so try and get someone else to pay!).


What struck me as we were discussing life, death and suicide is that people no longer have a need to be satisfied ‘logically’. This struck me as we debated the question, “Is suicide wrong?” Now to be fair I read it as meaning is suicide bad rather than wrong. Like famine is bad but stealing is wrong. But people just couldn’t seem to understand what I was talking about when I said, “We all obviously think suicide is wrong, why else would we be here training to prevent it if we didn’t?!?!” – Too  me (and those I’ve discussed it with since) this seemed logical.

But the response I got time and time again was this, “You can;t say it’s wrong…or bad. That’s being judgemental. It might be very right for some people. We’re here to learn how to help them find out if it’s right or wrong.” Now they didn’t mean that in the sense of ‘assisted suicide’ just that they thought if they talked it through with people that people would decide life is better for now and put off killing themselves (in other words they wanted to try and help people realise that living was better than dying, hence dying was bad compared to living, which i would term ‘wrong’).

It made me see that what was more important to everyone else in the group (even a pastors wife) was to be non-judgemental over and above being logical. For them, this was being ‘morally satisfied’ rather than intellectually satisfied.

So what? Well it got me thinking about how i share the gospel. Because being logical, or intellectually satisfied in my arguments/viewpoints is important to me, that’s how I share the gospel. I now don’t think this can work with the sort of people I was in training with. Luckily, I also think that the Gospel is ‘morally satisfying’ because justice is a moral issue and the Gospel is all about justice. It’s going to take me time to re-learn how to express my faith but I think it’s vital if I’m to share it with such people.


One Response to “Suicide Training”

  1. jamiehurd 13/03/2009 at 5:54 pm #

    i think it’s funny that the name of the course is ASIST, but it’s not about assisting suicide. Which dense person thought of that name??? Probably someone from Brynaman!

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