A Quarter of a Century

17 Mar
Drive the snakes out. Which ones, these?

"Drive the snakes out. Which one's, these?"

25 years in the making this post. St. Patricks day 1984 was a painful one for my mother, poor ol’ girl. While the temptation is to think I am old enough to now be considered ‘responsible’ I’d like to point out that I’m still only 8yrs old in terms of re-birth. A mere ‘young pup!’

More on St.Patrick from that oh so trustworthy source, the BBC. An interesting lad. I never realised we had his written work. Have a look why not. Mark Driscoll has also blogged about the non-Irish, non-saint, patron saint of Ireland.

A few things interested me. 1) He was once a slave! 2) He was educated ‘theologically’ by the french 3) He illustrated the Trinity using the shamrock…is that why the Irish have it as their symbol or was he being extremely contextualised? 4) Ireland never had any snakes to begin with 5) In the 5th Centurary AD there was a partial eclipse as the Sun passed behind St. Patrick’s mitre (see pic) 6) St. Patrick is as Irish as I am (I do count myself as half Irish for being born on the 17th March, always have, always will. Especially if they beat us on Saturday in the rugby)


One Response to “A Quarter of a Century”

  1. jonnyboy87 19/03/2009 at 11:36 am #

    I’ll be Irish with you on Saturday to be sure 🙂

    happy birthday mate!

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