Coloured In

28 Mar

Last week I attended to UCCF Wales team day away. It was fantastic for a few reasons. 1) Getting to spend time with the team, 2) Banter (especially with Steffan Wong Ellis) and 3) Getting to sit (metaphoricly) at the feet of John Kendall.

Tools for Colouring InSo what did Mr.Kendall get us to do that was so great? Essentially it was colouring in! I’ve had John teach me this a few times and each time I enjoy it more than the last. What you do is get the passage of scripture you want to study and print it out, line by line on a big piece of paper (big enough for you to draw all over it). Then you just go crazy with a bunch of different coloured pens. Marking up repeated words, noticeing where sections and sub-sections begin and end, keeping track of whose talking and about whom at different points, tracing themes etc. All very visual. But how does it help?

Well for starters it gets you to read the passage. All to often when I’m preparing a sermon or Bible study I’ll just skim the passage and then hit the commentrays. But the method JK promotes enas I’ve got to read it through, slowly, deliberatley, 3, 4, 5, even 10 times!

Secondly, it really helps to see how the author has written what they’ve written, not just what they’ve written. Make sense? Alot of the time how it’s been set out, the language used, the themes developed, how often something is mntioned, how it is left and gone back to, can really give you an insight into what’s being said (especially when it’s a genre that we aren’t overly familiar with. I think this includes virtually all books of the Bible!!!).

It also helps you get an understanding of the passage as a whole, rather than jst verse by verse.

A great book on how to do this kind of study is Grasping God’s Word. Can’t get hold of that? Then go learn from the best.


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