Missional Living – Simplified (Unit 1)

8 May

Garlic Bread - A Possible Gospel Starter

Garlic Bread - A Possible Gospel Starter

1) Eat with Each Other

There aren’t very many things which brake barriers down, start friendships and generally get us feeling like we belong together like eating food.

The truth is we all eat. Most of us 3 times a day, some of us a few times more. Why not eat for Jesus. Think about it. In terms of “winning someone for Christ” the likelihood is we’d prefer to take them through 2ways to live than to share a bite. But if we eat together we may be able to share a garlic bread and 2ways to live.

Bottom line is people will say yes to food. It’s not an end, but it might just be a good place to start in getting them to say yes to Jesus.

ht: Jonathan Dodson


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