Missional Living – Simplified (Unit 2)

10 May

Walk/Dont Walk. You decide, not the crossing

Walk/Don't Walk. You decide, not the crossing

2) Walking

All too often our lives are spent like battery chickens. Cooped up in our homes, offices and cars. Traveling is a real opportunity to met people in your locality. 

Think about it. You recognize those people who you drive past day in day out don’t you. You kind of feel you know them. But you couldn’t ever smile at them, talk to them, share the Gospel with them because you’re cooped up!

I can walk to the shops. It takes 5minutes and I pass a lot of my neighbours on the way. I can walk to Church. It takes 30minutes (almost exactly) and I pass a lot of neighbours on the way. “30 minutes to get to church, doesn’t seem local.”  I wouldn’t bat an eye lid driving somewhere 30minutes away, I guess you wouldn’t either. 

Get out of the coop. Get on the pavement. Get your face known so that you can get Jesus known!

ht: Jonathan Dodson


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