Missional Living – Simplified (Unit 3)

12 May

Ill have the usual please Steve

"I'll have the usual please Steve"

3) Eat your Fibre…

…and be a regular. The great thing about caring about ‘doing local’ is that you get to be a regualr. My ‘regular’ consists of getting my bread from the same bakers every saturday morning, my coffee from the same coffee shop every Friday and my shopping from the same Tesco’s every week (my local Tesco is small enough that I can get to know the staff who serve me).

Being regualr is a great way of building relationships. Relationships are a great place to start telling people the Gospel. I think someone famous once said, “When preaching the Gospel always use words” (sic). Words are more ffective when someone is listening.

ht: Jonathan Dodson


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