Week of Graphic Designing

28 May

saintbeagle designIt’s been truly glorious. No work (of the paid kind) since last Wednesday…and even that was a ‘meeting.’

What I have been mainly spending the last few days doing is trying to set up my design/web development freelancing thing. As you can guess I’m not very clear about what I actually want to do/achieve.

When I started my current job, it was with a view to spending my days off (Thursday and Friday) doing on e of two things. Writing Bible Studies for my Church and for a small fee designing/maintaining simple but effective websites for other churches. I don’t think it says much about me that 7 months in I finally started that phase 2.

So the last few days I’ve been tinkering with wordpress trying to put together something that looks like a few websites and been practicing some logo design.

The unfinished results can be found at saintbeagle design, Generic Church dot com, and my demo.

Here are a few brands I’m working on just for some portfolio-ing.

Community Church:

Community Church Full Logo

This is their main logo. It’s adaptable in terms of positioning of the writing with regards the  image. The image itself has a few aspects.

Firstly you might notice that the central arrow (which is directing upwards) also looks like a traditional church building. The broken Colours also reflect an old stain glass window. Finally the four different colours give a sense of diversity. 

 The tag line is one that’s been bouncing around my brain for a while. It’s catchy and pretty much sums up what Church is/should be about.

engageI’ve also branded their Sunday meetings. I’ve mimicked the four colours of the full logo (capturing the brand) and gone with the arrow pointing upwards again. It gets brighter towards the top, almost alight. This reinforces the name of the meeting, ‘Engage.’

Hope Church:

Large Full LogoThe idea behind Hope Church is still a bit more fluid. I haven’t decided on a logo as quickly so I’ll present some of the possibilities. They all basically play on the name ‘Hope’ which is symbolized by the light in the logos. We are called to be light to the world. Jesus says He was the light of the world. All this is reflected in the images. 

The final design is a totally differnet direction. It represents diversity in the church and is more of a look at a colour scheme than an exploration of the name.

Wide Version 1Wide Green LogoLogoPeopleDemo


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