Go-Spell out the Gospel

18 Jun

Continuing in Noah this week we tackled “Faith and Friends.”

From a passage only lightly related we looked at how our faith should spill out in all situations. The passage we tackled was 1 Peter 3:8-22.

Wk2-FaithWITHFriendsPeter starts the section (v8-12) with a kind of exemplary Christian life (as we studied it I got my group to explain how they’d read about Jesus displaying these characteristics.). Now my natural instinct is that if I lived like this then the world would love me. But again we looked to Jesus, who was the perfect example of what Peter is describing…and the world murdered Him.

The point is that by being Christians or living a lifestyle of evangelism, we are going to find ourselves in tricky situations (by this I mean suffering). And what is Peter’s advice?

Don’t be afraid, don’t be frightened, don’t let what they are threatening/doing to you get on top, keep Jesus as Lord. Make Him bigger and your problems (suffering) will get smaller.

He goes further. We should always be prepared to give reason for our hope. Always. So when we’re getting abuse because we don’t drink say and, “think we’re better than everyone else.” We aren’t suppose to just take it, we aren’t suppose to just explain that we believe the Bible and then say ‘and it says not to drink’ (which it doesn’t). We are suppose to give a reason for our hope. We’re suppose to go spell out the Gospel.

Why? He finishes the section (v18-22) by reminding us of the Gospel. That Christ suffered (and died) for us, for the people who abused Him, for the people at this very moment who may be abusing you.

Go spell it out.


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