Humorous Searches

10 Jul

Imagine the disappointment some people must have experienced wen they searched for the following and got’s reply:

  1. Pendulum” (all time highest search term leading to No doubt searching for the band, instead finding my blog about how Church History is defined by our ‘swing’ away from something. Were they impressed? Who knows.
  2. Feeling Neglected in Marriage” or “Married but looking” – Most likely people looking for a way out. What did they find? Saint Jonny speaking about some shocking adverts on facebook. Hopefully it was helpful.
  3. Spider plant reproduction” – some Innocent amateur botanist. Result? Saint Jonny again, this time on Church Planting. Good fit?

One Response to “Humorous Searches”

  1. Saint Jonny 11/07/2009 at 9:18 am #

    Ha! I love it how people are stumbling across us when searching for these things! I was kind of hoping my spotify post would begin to feature in the searched for terms, but alas!

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