Autumn Season Singing

31 Aug
An Autumnal Coloured Guitar

An Autumnal Coloured Guitar

I’ve just emailed everyone who takes part in our Sunday Morning Worship Bands. The subject of the email is new songs for the Autumn season.

The next few months are going to be dominated by JT’s series in Colossians, Completely Complete. (The sample trailer for which I’ve previously posted.)

So the ‘new songs’ for the term have been planned with this in mind.

The first new song is the Page CXVI reworking of Townends In Christ Alone. I love the new version. Char and I both think it’s a more natural tune some how. The only obstacle to overcome is people’s memories of the original tune which we still sing regularly (except when I’m leading, it’s far too low vocally for me to lead).

We’ve chosen the song because it sums Colossians up well. It’s all about Christ!

The second song is Completely Done. It’s off the new Sovereign Grace album, Sons & Daughters. There’s a free download of the track available here. The song once again sums up the general feeling of Colossians, that is in Christ it is finished!

I’m excited about the series (although secretly gutted Jon wont let me preach any Colossians 😦  I’ll see how he measures up to the sermon I preached not to long ago on chapter 1), I’m excited about the songs…

I’m excited to knowing more and more that in Christ alone it is completely done!


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