Slamming Out the Lyrics

14 Jan

So I while ago I came out. Admitted to my tendency to toy with lyrics. I invited correction/encouragement with regards some re-jigged lyrics to Cowper’s classic Come Thou Fount. And I was very glad I did, the response was very helpful and I fancy that my church will be singing a more edifying, Christ exalting song because of it.

So ‘complicated’ lyrics aside I’d like to mention something else which gets my proverbial goat. Pointless lyrics. Lyrics which really don’t serve any purpose but filling a beat in a song (I think I expressed this when I posted about (There is a Day). With this in mind I’ve attacked a few other songs which I’ve seen value in for my church and hopefully filling them out a bit.

As always I’m very aware that those who wrote them had certain emphasis that they wanted to convey and knew how to lead them far better than I. It’s goes without saying then that some changes may seem odd to others but they represent changes that will fit well with themes/emphasis that our church is pushing/I will be leading.

If you have the time or inclination then check some of them out:


Come Thou Fount

Nothing But the Blood


One Response to “Slamming Out the Lyrics”

  1. Gethin 14/01/2010 at 11:22 pm #

    Not had a very close look – but hosanna has a naughty apostrophe which needs to go (its place, not it’s place). Might be able to look at them properly later but not sure.

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