Jesus: Who is He?

20 Jan

Tonight is night numero uno for’s latest Christianity Explored Course (which I get the privilege of preaching!)

It was awesome last Sunday night to hear testimonies for 4 people getting baptised, 3 of which featured heavily the effect of this course on them. Let’s be praying that come 6 weeks we’ll have 4 more to dunk!

Tonight is “Jesus:Who is He?” and it’s a talk I absolutely love. There are so many views about Jesus knocking around that it can be hard sometimes to see the woods for the trees. Here’s a n excerpt of one of the first points I’ll be making tonight:

I’m not so concerned that you leave here agreeing with me but rather that you leave here with the source material, where we all get our ideas of Jesus from, in your hands. Hopefully I’ll only say what this says (hold up Bible) but ultimately f you want to know Christ you meet him in here.

If people go away to find Jesus for themselves I’m convinced they’ll find him as the God-man who came to save rebels. Good news? GREAT NEWS!


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