Missional Living: Recap and Review

21 Jan

Ofcourse missional also exists on paper but is happiest in the ether

Missional is a big buzz word in certain Christian circles at the moment. MD quipped at one conference that if you googled the word missional to find out what it actually meant, you’d probably blow up your computer…it’s that hot a topic.

Early last year I posted a series on this exact topic (in 5-parts: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5). Essentially they were 5 simple things I/we could do to be living more missionally.

These 5 simple things were 1) Eat with others, 2) Walk don’t drive, 3) Be regular, 4) Get a hobby & 5) Get involved in the community. Not as ends in themselves, but as means to and end, sharing Jesus.

Going back over these I’m both encouraged and challenged. Encouraged that I enjoy walking rather than driving, frequent my local shops much more often and am a regular at a local football get together.

Challenged that I can’t even remember the last time I sat down to eat with someone (outside of church peepz) or got involved with what the community is already doing (save dressing up like a banana and eating myself sick).

I wonder how often we take stock of how intentionally we’re living our lives to share Jesus and glorify God? I know that most of the time I’m living missionally it’s more by accident than intent…this is grace and it shouldn’t be ignored, but it’s also an area for growth.


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    […] I’ve had a stab at looking at some things we can do to be more missional as Christians. Things like walking, joining in with your town events, eating with people, being a regular somewhere. […]

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