Giving Up Coffee

17 Feb

So it’s Lent. A religious observance I have never observed before. Probably because I thought it too religious.

This year is different. This year I’m giving up coffee. Why?

Fasting is a powerful tool. In the past when I’ve fasted it’s given me a reason to remember the Gospel (you know, your belly rumbles and you think to yourself why am I doing this…ah yes, so that I ask why am I doing this!).

I’m a firm believer in the Christians need to constantly be reminding themselves of the Gospel day in and day out. Placing little reminders in our lives so that we don’t get a chance to forget. Jerry Bridges calls it ‘preaching the Gospel to ourselves.’

So here goes my newest attempt of reminding myself of the Gospel. Every time I have a hankering for Coffee or someone offers a brew I’m going to be forced to remember that Jesus gave up an awful lot more for me.

I wonder, what things do you do to remind yourself of the Gospel?


One Response to “Giving Up Coffee”


  1. Falling off the Wagon « saintbeagle - 25/03/2010

    […] Now this was seen as a ‘religious’ thing to do by many, but my motives were pure and honest and for a time it helped me to focus on Christ. You can read my reasoning on previous post here. […]

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