XE (Christianity Explored) Round Up

24 Feb

Tonight (Wednesday 24th February) is our final night of Christianity Explored. And what a month and a half it has been!

In human terms it didn’t get off to the best start. Persistent snow during January meant that we postponed the kick off by 1 week.

All the advertising we had done was incorrect and JT and I had to brave the elements and sit alone in the venue just in case the message hadn’t gotten out to someone. Pants.

However a week later, as we gathered to discuss Jesus: Who was He? I was overwhelmed by the turn out and the individuals who had decided to come along.

Week after week they have come back to look at Jesus: Why did He come? Jesus: Why did He Die? What is Grace? & Why does the Resurrection Matter?

It was amazing to see how the most difficult week to preach, Jesus: Why did He Die? (essentially a week about how sinful and helpless we are) was so wonderfully received by all present!

God has moved in a big way. The entire course has been one big example of His providence. It’s also been a great example of Christian service with some top guys and gals turning up week in week out to practically run the course. (Thank you all!)

Please pray tonight, as we conclude, that lives would be changed forever.


One Response to “XE (Christianity Explored) Round Up”

  1. sammydaviesjr 26/02/2010 at 10:50 am #

    By the way it went great! Praise God for his hand in all that’s gone on over the last 7 weeks…from the snow cancelling meetings, to people being away. I have confidence that the right people heard the right messages at the right time.

    If you fancy praying any more then why not pray that those who attended would make the transition to church on a Sunday. As I explained, we do exactly the same thing, “open the Bible and try and figure out what God is saying to us.”

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