The Pearl To Be

26 Feb

This week I have been EXHAUSTED. It just hasn’t stopped, well at least until this morning. It’s the kind of time you want a little pick me up and as such I reached for the deliciously devotional writings of my friend Photizo.

Reaching back into the archives I found a little gem of his and so I’m going to cheat  and post his beautiful poem.

I’ve brought it to people’s attention in the past over on the now defunct theproGnosis, but it’s worth revisiting once more.

He writes a lot of poems, but this is definitely still my favourite. To read the background of the poem click here. Or to just read it on saintbeagle click “read more.”

The Pearl To Be
“For our light and momentary troubles are achieving for us an eternal glory that far outweighs them all.” (2 Cor 4:17)

“oh God, oh God” sobbed her broken cry,
The divine response seemed a slow reply.
But soft and true the whisper came,
Gracefully kneeling by her broken frame.
“My child if only you could know
What precious fruit your trial shall one day show”
Quiet and alone she in the chair
Her thoughts stretched out over a soul so bare
Chill of winter come seeps her soul of spiritual sight
Casting heavy shadows on Gospel light.
Alone but not alone is she,
In the stillness come voices, unholy.
Their rage is loud,
“Deserted” they stamp on her brow.
Uncontent with their sinful toil
They add and add to her heart’s poisoned soil.
Thus when to the cross she wearily looks
Still she feels there from God forsook.
Louder, louder the voices roar,
What this girl would give, on wings of grace to soar.
Slowly the tears slip down her face,
Now painful tear of heart; one day a pearl of grace.

Imprisoned, condemned and worthless
On and on taunt hell’s attacks so merciless
For naught could be to one so cruel
As to blind eye and deafen ear to hope’s fuel
That at the sight of mercy free,
Struck by unbelief is she.
The lies once again arise
Upon the King on a tree, – how dare she set her eyes?
Slowly the tears slip down her face,
Now painful tear of heart; one day a pearl of grace.

Nothing is as everything seems,
Nor has God left her to Satan’s schemes.
What is to her as sinking sand,
Is none other of Almighty Christ the Hand (Isaiah 41: 10)
She isn’t alone to face Satan’s dart
For deep within Christ lives in her heart.
Nor is He unable to save to the last,
For one day Satan will He to Hell cast.
On that day, with dawn of glory in splendour come,
You, with immortal eyes, shall see the Son.
Slowly the tears slip down her face,
Now painful tear of heart; one day a pearl of grace.

Take heart Sis, take heart in the cross
For there shall you see your tale turn from loss
In the Trinity eternally sufficient,
Jesus headed to Calvary to pay for you, deficient.
Perfect Lamb of God, forever praised,
Crushed by God that you alive to Him may be raised.
Look to His wounds, His bloodied side,
Here He calls you to linger and bide.
He was pierced for all your crime,
To bear your guilt and cleanse you from sin’s grime.
To you, dear Sister, Himself He freely gives
That you in Him may always live.
Slowly the tears slip down her face,
Now painful tear of heart; one day a pearl of grace.

I do not know all the reasons why,
You seem to hear the empty echo of your cry.
Yet what you think your life will waste
Will be in heaven a glorious taste of grace.
You have begged and pleaded
God for the sign so dearly needed.
God in turn now to you does say,
“Look once more, by the cross is light’s first ray.
My daughter, you I dearly adore,
This I would have you know so much more.
Do not let the clouds hide My loving face,
To you dear child I am only mercy, love and grace.
Though this is all to your distaste,
Know I broke My Son, that you I might embrace.
Whilst divine aid may seem to tarry,
Help is on its way, for now I send you Larry.”

One Response to “The Pearl To Be”

  1. sammydaviesjr 26/02/2010 at 3:50 pm #

    p.s. I’d love to hear what you think of the poem (be gracious) & I’m sure Photizo would benefit too

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