Just an Interest?

9 Mar

What do people make of my Christianity…from the outside?

Do they see someone who is wholly reliant on God? Someone whose world would fall apart if God was left out of the picture? Do people see a deep, intimate, personal relationship? Do they see a human being whose life has been totally and utterly transformed by the Holy Spirit?

Sadly, I’d guess not.

Actually what I suspect people see (I can’t say for certain because I’m looking from the wrong direction) is a person with a special interest. Someone whose time and attention is often taken up with Jesus and the Church, but whose relationship with them both is more like a hobby than anything else.

Now I’ve been brave enough to admit that what about you?

What will they glean about the God I ‘serve’ from my life? Are people really seeing a glimpse of what the Bible calls a disciple or are they simply seeing someone going through a phase? One will play a part in changing lives, the other will amuse some, annoy others, but leave a lasting impression on none.


One Response to “Just an Interest?”

  1. emyrjenkins 09/03/2010 at 9:47 am #

    I think I’d have to say the same. If i’m honest from the outside I would say it’s very likely that most people see me as a church or God ‘enthusiast’ rather than a son of the Lord or a brother in the faith.

    It’s quite worrying and something I maybe haven’t put NEARLY enough thought into.

    Good Blog, definately a thinker.


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