Lazy Saturday

13 Mar

It’s a Saturday, for you AND me. This means that we should be taking it easy. After all much Rugby is about to start which will no doubt be accompanied by some trashy food and a few beverages.

That’s why I’m suggesting we be lazy. Me being lazy by simply posting some new* interviews. You being lazy by watching videos rather than slogging through a heavy blog.

The new videos in question can be found through the interviews section of my site. They are a few interviews we did with a few members of, a blog I used to contribute to.

We have an interview on Church Hopping with the right reverend Jonathan Thomas.

We have an interview on the Middle Class make up of the Church with the most punk of pastors Jonny Raine.

We even have an interview with yours truly about the tension between on the job training and the ivory tower of Bible College.

(It might interest some that at the point of recording I had no real plans to attend Bible College but at the time of writing i.e. now, I’m almost a year into 2 yrs at WEST.)

Check the all out here.

*New is a relative term!

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