New ‘Songs’ Page

24 Mar

The observant ammongst you may have noticed that I recenlty (last Monday) added a ‘songs‘ page to my blog. It’s available right up there ^ in the navigation bar, nestling comfortably between ‘ebooks’ and ‘All About Me’.

The content? Well if you go to the page you’ll find some pdf’s of lyrics and lyric+guitar chords to some hymns I’ve worked on over the last year or so.

My intent (as I’ve written on the page) is to make the fantastic truths contained in some of these old hymns as accessible as possible to the congregation I serve. Be that by a slight change in lyrics or a slight change musically to suit the band/feel we have in my church.

I’m leaving space to add some mp3’s into the mix to give you an idea of the melody that goes over the top of the guitar chords I’ve posted. (If anyone has any idea how I can simply record a vocal, guitar, bass and some drum samples and then edit them up a bit I’d be most appreciative!)

So please by all means go and check it out. So far there are only four songs that I’ve really given any time to. Others are in the pipeline and suggestions are taken.


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