Falling off the Wagon

25 Mar

This year I did something special. I gave something up for lent. First time ever.

Now this was seen as a ‘religious’ thing to do by many, but my motives were pure and honest and for a time it helped me to focus on Christ. You can read my reasoning on previous post here.

However after about 4 weeks it stopped serving my devotion and became simply a ‘badge of honour.’ A good thing had become a god thing.  That is not helpful and must be rooted out and killed on sight.

In response I’ve re-taken up said thing, with the following reasoning:

What was to remind me of what Christ gave up for me and drive me to prayer was now a stumbling block.

Take stumbling block and use as a tool to remind me of the Gospel.

Reinstate given up item and use as a reminder of all the things I gain from being in Christ.

No doubt this will sooner or later cease to be of any spiritual benefit. When that happens I’ll just go back to enjoying it. But this whole episode has reminded me and serves as an example of how deliberately we should be seeking to ‘preach the Gospel to ourselves’ as Christians.

Jerry Bridges and CJ Mahaney have both taught me that a Christian needs to be deliberate in their contemplation and application of the Gospel. Too often we think we move on from the Gospel when really we should be moving into it.

When was the last time that you deliberately put something in your day to remind you of the glorious Gospel? When was the last time that you removed something that was obscuring your view?


One Response to “Falling off the Wagon”

  1. ammanfordpastor 25/03/2010 at 11:48 am #

    Thanks for your honesty bro, I found that really challenging.

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