Gone to the Convention

27 Mar

Yep, I’ve gone to the dizzying lights of Cardiff to attend the annual Men’s Convention with the manliest men I know & Jamie.

I’m on twitter @saintbeagle if you want to say hi in the flesh or if you want to follow some of the things going on.

(I’m going for the hashtag #CMC10)


Here are my tweets from the day (review/reflection to follow)

  • #cmc10 only about 2hrs away…sighting if anything!
  • At #cmc10 … This is carnage
  • Charles Price this morning. Good effort. Looking forward to lunch and @NewBreedCP round table…and Dano #cmc10
  • Does anyone know of an occassion when lyndsay brown has ever kept to time? Thanks to @daihankey and Payton for stimulating chat #cmc10
  • Jamie Hurd, heavy under the conviction of the spirit… #cmc10 http://twitpic.com/1ba4s9
  • That’s it from #cmc10. Jamie recovered, Dano nailed it. God is good

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