Can NE1 Decipher NWA10?

2 Apr

So after some snooping (and far too much clicking) over on the New Word Alive website, I’ve managed to find a page called ‘Adult Programme‘ which I think should outline what our options are for the various time slots throughout the week. Right?

Wrong. While there’s plenty of information on topics etc. it seems almost impossible to decide if something is a morning preach, one-off seminar, track, evening devotional or what ever. I’ve seen plenty I want to go to, but don’t know whether I’ve picked things that clash or just evening meetings or what!?! Very frustrating.

If you can make sense of it I’d love to know…in the comments section thanks.

Bible Readings

Hugh Palmer on 1Thesslalonians – One Foot in the Future

This year Hugh Palmer will be taking us through Paul’s first letter to the Thessalonians and showing us what it means to live in the light of our heavenly future.

Doctrine Matters

Rough Guide to the whole Bible: Richard Coekin

If you’ve never heard a ‘Bible Overview’ don’t miss out. It’s simply wonderful to see how the whole Bible fits together and to hear the story of God’s great plan of salvation.

Doctrine of Scripture: Wayne Grudem

Wayne will be helping us deepen our understanding of Scripture, while answering questions some common questions: Why were the books in the Bible chosen? How can I be sure the Bible is really true in all it says? Can I understand the Bible for myself? In what ways does God guide me in my life?

Knowing Christ well and making him well-known: Rebecca Manley-Pippert

“Evangelism” is often a topic that just makes us feel guilty. However, countless people have found Becky’s teaching and encouragement on this subject to be liberating and empowering. Becky will help equip us to speak about Jesus naturally and normally

Gospel-Based Holiness: Jerry Bridges

As we seek to obey God it’s easy to ‘move on’ from the core gospel into a subtle form of ‘works’. Jerry will be helping us see how it is only the gospel of grace that gives the true basis, motivation and power for true holiness. And he’ll lead us in thinking through practical steps to grow in holiness in our daily living.

Training Tracks

Parenting: the first eleven years: Robyn and Sally Sydserff

The first eleven years are a mixture of fun, fire fighting, exhaustion, exhilaration, muddling on and messing up. Come and explore how to navigate these early years and put the building blocks in place for the teenage years.

Speaking up in challenging times: Amy Orr-Ewing

Sometimes we want to speak to our friends but we are afraid that we won’t know the answers to their questions and objections. Come and find answers and fresh ways of speaking up for Christ in the family, workplace, neighbourhood and public square.

Third Age ministry: Dave Fenton

We will explore the current situation with those in the Third Age, look at what is happening and attempt to construct a vision for what could be done.

Leading a small group: Nigel Styles & Elspeth Pitt

Training and equipping leaders of home groups to lead small group Bible studies and care for the people in their groups.

Children’s work in church: Dave Gidney & Ed Drew

Sessions to give a chance to review our church’s children’s work and ourselves. What should we do, and why should we do it?

Mission in the modern world: Lindsay Brown

We know we should be engaged in God’s mission, but where do we start? These seminars will give an overview of mission work helping us orientate ourselves and show us realistic ways we and our churches can get involved.

Relational thinking: Dr Michael Schluter

A biblical agenda for 21st century social transformation.

A Rough Guide to preaching: Jonathan Lamb

‘I’ve been asked to preach but no-one has ever helped me to do it.’ These seminars provide a practical introduction to the task of preaching, designed for those starting out on this great calling.

The DNA of Christian leadership: Peter Baker, Wayne Grudem, Pablo MartÌnez, Jerry Bridges

In this series of seminars on the strategic importance of leadership within the Christian community, we explore the biblical principles and practice which make up highly effective leaders.

International Student Track – 1Peter, Christian living anywhere in the world: Dick Dowsett

This track includes Bible teaching and worship as well as small groups to discuss how to apply 1Peter to our own culture. There will be small groups in Mandarin, Cantonese, Korean, Japanese and Spanish as well as English. This track includes a training group for those already involved in international student ministry.

Emotive issues: fact, faith and feelings in the Christian life: John Stevens & Annie Leggett

Is the Christian life a matter of the head or the heart?This series of seminars will investigate what the bible teaches about the role of feelings in the Christian life.

Eyes wide open – looking for God in popular culture: Jason Clarke & Jo Mackenzie

We’re all immersed in popular culture whether we like it or not: films, music, art, news. Should our unthinking consumption be replaced by something better – engagement, avoidance, enjoyment? This track will help us open our eyes to God’s word & God’s world.

A thorn in the flesh: Dr. Pablo Martinez

Understanding, helping and ultimately finding victory in situation of chronic suffering.

Let’s talk about sex: Dave Gobbett, Jodi Hinds & Steve Baraniak

Examining the connections between sexuality and relationship with God

Serving Christ in the creative arts: Ellis Potter with Ally Gordon, Luci Metcalfe and David McCulloch

How can we serve Christ with creative gifts both inside the church and professionally in the arts and media?

Singleness matters: Jackie Mann and Andrew Page

Singles: growing in number but diverse and varied. A biblical and realistic exploration of being single in society and the church today.

Growing in prayer: Tim Rudge & Alison Williams

How we can more enjoy the extraordinary privilege of knowing God!

There will also be one-off seminars on:

New Songs Workshop God and government – how should I vote as a Christian?

Starting to work right – Christians starting in the workplace

Guidance – discovering God’s will for me life

Evening Celebrations

In our evening meeting we are going to be hearing God speak to us from some psalms. The psalms address such a wide variety of life situations and themes, from despair to joy, from the nations of the world to the detail of our individual lives. We trust God will use his word to teach what it means to know him, live for him and rejoice in him in all of life’s circumstances.

We will be hearing from the following psalms through the speakers listed, with one speaking at the adult celebration and one at the student celebration.

  • Psalm 19: a song of revelation – Peter Baker/Graham Daniels
  • Psalm 42: a song of wrestling – John Stevens/Nigel Styles
  • Psalm 96: a song for the world – Jonathan Lamb/Lindsay Brown
  • Psalm 103: a song of forgiveness – Richard Coekin/Pete Greasley
  • Psalm 90: a song of dedication – Richard Cunningham

On one evening will be also have ‘Rebecca Manley-Pippert – in conversation’ where Becky will be giving us some encouragement and inspiration in our witness to Jesus.


7 Responses to “Can NE1 Decipher NWA10?”

  1. Larry 02/04/2010 at 9:03 am #

    two years ago Doctrine was in the morning, followed by morning Bible reading then its the training tracks…. then in the evening its the adult/student talks… Woot for Pete Greasley being there…

    Does that make sense?

  2. Larry 02/04/2010 at 9:04 am #

    Ps i love the pirate speak here “Guidance – discovering God’s will for me life”

  3. Gethin 02/04/2010 at 9:49 am #

    Yup – usually they’re all series. So there’s Bible Reading, Doctrine Tracks, Training Tracks, Celebration (four sessions a day) and you do what you want.

  4. Sinead 02/04/2010 at 11:12 am #

    Bible reading usually happens twice doesn’t it? So you can go to bible reading + another track in the morning. Then all the seminars/training tracks are in the afternoon, 2 sessions usually.

    See you there matey!

  5. sammydaviesjr 02/04/2010 at 2:35 pm #

    Even these extremely helpful explanations are like trying to peer trough treacle to me…how about attaching times to things…?

  6. Larry 02/04/2010 at 3:13 pm #

    Doctrine Matters = 9 am (roughly)
    Morning Bible Readings = 9.30 (adults) 11am (Students)
    Training Tracks = 2 or 4pm (not sure)
    Evening Celebrtion – 5.30 (Adults) 7. pm Students.

    — i think —

    • sammydaviesjr 02/04/2010 at 3:15 pm #

      I love the notion that students aren’t adults!

      Not sure those timings can be right, but that is a much clearer picture of the structure. The names of the sessions now bear a resemblance to what I experienced last year

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