NWA10 Thursday

16 Apr

Yet another day of glorious day of sunshine and the Son shining through His word.

Highlight has to be RMP in the evening meet (don’t know how to spell her name). Very encouraging, very humble, helped me to see that Im more loved by God than I can possibly imagine. Not a bad thing to take away from a meeting.

Jerry was also excelent in the morning speaking about how the Gospel (which we preach to ourselves daily) is our motivation for pursuing holiness. A few great quotes:

“Grace and mercy are like the two arms of Gods love wrapped aroun us.”

“For believers the cup of Gods wrath is now totally empty”

Cheers Jerry for continuely making the Gospel relevant and vital too us.

Two other highlights: 1) sitting in the sun with a cold one and two great young men of the Gospel 2) hearing steff Elis’ tweet read out in the big top despite not even being at NWA.

Good times


2 Responses to “NWA10 Thursday”

  1. Gilo 16/04/2010 at 5:13 pm #

    Loving the updates Mr Sammy! It’s great to catch a small glimpse of what NWA is like even when I’m in yankee land! Keep it up!

    • sammydaviesjr 17/04/2010 at 12:01 am #

      Gilo, extremly pleased to be of service! Unfortunatly, while it’s easy to write blogs, viewing others (or anything of the outside world) is nigh on impossible. Looking forward to getting my information fix when I get back to the real world.

      Oh, and the updates will continue…followed by many blogs more session specific. I’ll be dining out on NWA10 for a while I reckon.

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