New ‘Papers’ Page

6 May

The observant amongst you will have noted that up there in the navigation bar there is now a new tab, Papers.

A while ago a I posted an essay I’d written for my course and the response was pretty good. So I thought I’d post up all my essays so far. It’s a bit of a risk as I’ve only had two of them marked so far (namely Christ’s human nature and Extra Biblical Literature) so I could be posting up some real stinkers or some real gems.

In any case, that’s where they are, for your enjoyment. There won’t be any more action on that page for a few months though as that’s the lot for this half of my course. I’m not expecting to have to write another essay until winter.

Please leave any feedback on the appropriate page, especially if it’s regarding spelling or grammar and that, so I can tidy it up for any peepz who come along after.


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