Saved by Works (something we can all believe in)

30 Jul

I read this quote last week in Dave Harvey’s Rescuing Ambition. It’s an R.C. Sproul quote and it reminded me of something Bob Letham said during a redemption lecture. (In fact this is almost exactly what Dr. Bob said)…enjoy:

The only way anyone can ever be saved is by works.

Shocked? Then let him finish…:

God requires that His law be fulfilled. And unless you posses perfect righteousness, you will never be justified. Now the issue is this: By whose works will you be justified? Justification by faith alone means we’re justified by the works of Christ alone.



One Response to “Saved by Works (something we can all believe in)”

  1. daiwoolridge 30/07/2010 at 11:00 pm #

    Love it. :OP
    (And having read it in full…no need for me to rant on Galatians)

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