Church is busy

6 Oct

Or at least it should be. Ask anyone what the church is ‘suppose’ to be doing and your likely to get a list as long as your arm.

But that’s not what I’m talking about. I’m talking about my church being especially busy at the moment. Why? Becuase two very exiting things are going on.

Firstly there’s the up coming mission that our chruch is part of. 5 churches from the Swansea/Carmarthen area have invited down the likes of Henry Olonga, Roger Carswell and others to share the Gospel with those whom God has put around us and on our hearts. This is making us busy.

Secondly there’s the iminent (temporary) move to new premises. Over the past 24moths the Lord has really blessed us with new people, new babies and a new desire to have all our children in our service before attending Sunday school. As a result our building just wont cut it on a Sunday morning any longer. So while we wait for an extension and some modifications to be made we’re having to move to the local comprehensive. Apparently the need for a church to move in oder to accomodate a growing congregation is news worthy.

Why am I writing this? Well in the hope you’ll pray. Pray for the mission, the speakers and especially those who hear the Gospel proclaimed. Pray for the move, the logistics and the people to serve in an increasingly demanding set up schedule. But most of all pray for Jonathan, our Pastor. As he overseas all that’s going on he’s very busy.Pray he would lead us wisely, with Christ’s fame at the fore. Thank you.


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