If ever you doubt that God exists…

7 Oct

All you need to do is look at the weird and wonderful of the world and ask, “Why do I find that beautiful?”

An example of such beauty is below:

There isn’t a reason on earth why I should enjoy that so much. But there is a reason in heaven. The same creative God who came up with things like the ant eater and the armadillo (to start with the A’s) made us in his likeness, to be creators of weird, wonderful and yet beautiful things.

Of course God’s odd yet beautiful creativity didn’t stop there, in fact it had hardly begun. Who other than God could have come up with such a plan to save mankind as to die himself in our place. Weird. Wonderful. Beautiful.

(apologies if this post seemed silly but I genuinely found that video amazing)

ht: Ted & his #surrealvideo hashtag


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