The Prestige

5 Nov

Sometimes my course is just ridiculous. Take the other week for example. As study I had to sit and watch The Prestige (one of my favourite films of all time) and write an analysis for my Popular Culture class. Read my paper here.

The Prestige is a film which gets an awful lot right about mankind and the world we live in. This film that’s all about deception calls us for what we really are.

Romans 1 says we are all deceivers, even worse self deceivers, and that’s what characterises the people we find in Nolan’s 19th Century England. Whether it’s the deception that magicians are crafting for the audience or Angier’s self deception that he deserves more than Borden or Sarah’s deception that a life where her husband loves her every other day is enough. In The Prestige deceptions are everywhere.

The film also lays bare the results of such deception…utter ruin.just like in Romans 1 where we are told that God’s wrath is being revealed…against the deceivers of the world(aka everyone).

However the film fails to offer a third way. In the world of The Prestige, it’s either live a lie or give up completely. There’s no real hope, only the false hope of the deception.

But the Gospel isn’t so gloomy. While a hideous, hopeless eternity awaits decievers there’s also the salvation offered in Christ. Just a little later in Romans we read how God who is just (and therefore reveals his wrath against the deception) is also the justifier of those who have faith!

Ultimately what the world of The Prestige is doing is trying to satisfy through deception. But there’s no craving we can have that isn’t most satisfied in the truth, in the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

To read a more detailed analysis click here.


3 Responses to “The Prestige”

  1. AlmondTree 08/11/2010 at 4:01 pm #

    Well, I haven’t seen the film, but I appreciated your analysis saintbeagle and especially the focus on the deceptions and self-deceptions by which humans live their lives.

    Like Dr House is fond of saying, ‘Everyone lies.’ He is another truth-seeker, a man compelled to sort through the jumble sale of possibility and conjecture and theory to find the single existing reality.

    Often we fear the very thing we need the most- complete and utter truth. We run or construct or equivocate. Until at a point, we collapse and give in and admit that the truth is the truth.

    At that point of giving up swimming against the tide, and letting ourselves be carried by the river, that is the moment of release and freedom and bliss.

    And to be drawn upwards by the gospel from the dark mazes of human philosophy and habit to see everything from the maker’s perspective, that is breathtaking.


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