Dai Wool does X-Mas

15 Dec

You may or may not know who David ‘The Dai‘ Woolridge is, but you should. Dai is an incredibly talented gospel communicator…but not a preacher. Instead Dai has carved out a niche of his own, somewhere between poetry and rap that lends itself well to his little Ammanford voice. Dai is a performer and he uses his performance to entice people to think more about Christ.

Christmas is then a pretty obvious opportunity for Dai to do just that and recently on his blog he’s posted two ‘poems’ about Jesus and Christmas. They’re great read, even better heard. So if you get the chance get out and see Dai as he performs…or even higher him and his Going Public team. You can even follow him on twitter.

Poems found by clicking ‘read more’

The Ickle King of the Crib

Let me tell you of the Ickle King of the Crib.

The ickle King of the Crib
Was before
Before the offset set off
Before matter even mattered

He was the chief executive of Existence
He was the Architect who designed the plans for the Grand Canyon
And the Structural Engineer who made it happen within a week,
He even gave the planning permission.

The King of the crib
Became ickle, small and so vulnerable
He didn’t have enough strength in his neck muscles to hold his head up.
He became freckles, moles, beauty spots and earlobes.
The King of the Crib became human; fully.
But still King over creation; fully.

The king of the Crib
Lived and breathed so we can breath in new life
A fresh start,
A clean Etch-a-sketch

He was before
Is during
And will be ever after

Cos the ickle King in the crib
By the donkey
And the prezzies
With the Shepherds
And their tea-towels,
Was just the beginning.
Scene 1 on earth

The ickle King of the Crib grew up
He was complete compassion
Not just born into birth
But dedicated to death…and beyond.
His sufficient sacrifice sorted my sin
As the Saviour sought after my heart.

So the Ickle King of the Crib
Became King over death
King over my sin
King of my life
King Eternal.

Jesus, King of the Crib

Jesus, The King of my heart.

X-Marks the Spot

X marks the spot

It marks the spot of x-tra curricular festive activities

Sky plus put to good use and cases full of DVD box-X.

X-factor marks the spot

With Geordie Cole

Cowell’s wink

‘You have arrived’ Monogue

And louey’s class acts that go very nice with crackers and wine

(you know; ‘cheese’)

While everyone’s talking about who’s going to mark the X-mas no.1 spot.

X-box 360…live marks the spot –

With X-ilerating game play – (only £239 this X-mas!)

X marks the spot…mas

X mas tree with fairy lights and Games n’ prezzies on the floor,

With Mulled wine, monster truck toys, Marketing ploys, and Mistletoe

X marks X-cruciatingly bad Christmas cracker jokes

And paper hats and a false moustache with the small screwdrivers which you swear will come in handy every year but are in the bin before you can say ‘the only fools and horses Christmas special is on the telly!’

X marks the carol singing spot

With ‘we wish you a merry X-mas and a happy new year’

And so, come 25th of December

X-mas marks the spot…mas.

And even though a name (that shall remain nameless) was swapped for X,

This ‘X’ was marked on a cross

And this ‘X’ took my spot

But let’s not say it

Lets just say ‘X’

After all, X wouldn’t want to make anyone feel X-tremely ve-X’d, nor even slightly uncomfortable,

X would rather just stay quiet in the background this X-mas

And its ok – X understands…

Saying…’Christ’ at X-mas…

It’s a bit politically incorr-X


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