Whiter than Snow (better late than never?)

4 Jan

I know that snow is off the radar now (hopefully), but for the last few weeks it’s been really big news. Last Sunday as I led the first communion of 2011 I was moved to remind the congregation of the image God used at the start of the book of Isaiah, likening our sins to scarlet but promising to make us whiter than snow.

What a wonderful truth! God is able to remove the stain, remove the blemish and replace it with brilliant shining purity.

We sang the song Nothing But the Blood of Jesus (a personal favourite) which speaks about Jesus’ blood washing and making guilty sinners clean again. How awesome is it that God sends snow to us so that we can better remember his Gospel!?!

Check out this little video that explains the linka little better than I can:

But the reminder goes further too! Now the snow has abeited we see huge, dirty grey mounds of the stuff left over in Tesco car park. What once was brilliant, pure, glaringly white is now an eye sore. Not so the Gospel, not so! The cleansing we receive from Jesus is a lasting one. His Grace is sufficient to guarantee our eternal cleanliness. Snow is a picture all right,but just a picture of something far greater!


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