Deadline Day. Robbie Keane and His Picture of the Gospel.

31 Jan

As it’s transfer deadline day I thought I’d re-post something I wrote a few years ago at a similar time, trying my best to draw the Gospel out of the Robbie Keane fiasco. Please don’t draw any further analogies about how he subsequently flunct again back at Spurs…just take it for what it is.

Did you watch it? The minute by minute text up date on the BBC website, keeping you abreast of all the deadline day dealings? I did. What I thought would be a terribly exciting way to spend my day in work turned into possibly the most tiresome day of my life. There weren’t even any good rumors. However there was a gem to come, Robbie Keane’s sensational return to the club he left 6 months ago. And it got me started thinking about the Gospel.

So if you don’t know, here’s what’s happened. Robbie Keane, a great premiership striker, plays for 6 years at Tottenham. He’s a hero there, a legend, very well-loved. But ol’ Keano decides it might be better to do things his way, to go mix it up with the big boys and in the summer lands a ‘dream’ move to Liverpool. The thing is, it didn’t really go to plan. His footballing world collapsed around him. Generally it turned out  to be a failure. So, 6 months later, tail between legs, he’s now back at his ‘spiritual home’ at White Hart Lane.

But what has it got to do with the Gospel? Well, Keane was where he should have been, well-loved by the Spurs faithful. We, likewise, were loved by God before we were born. In our mothers wombs he has cared for us. By God’s side is where we should stay. But we decide to play it our way. The bright lights distract and we soon forget who it was that made us who we are. We leave, turn our backs on God. Things don’t work out as we’d planned and very quickly we have to realise that God’s way is the best way. So we turn back and head for home. Only before we get there we find that our Father has run to greet us! We are welcomed back as heirs once more. Of course there’s a price to pay on the part of God (played strangely by Spurs in my illustration) and that price is his Son, Jesus Christ (or £12milion if you’re still reading but only really interested in the Robbie Keane transfer).

Now it isn’t perfect…obviously. But i thought it served as an example of how life tells a very similar story to THE Great Story of how we are bought and welcomed back by the one we turned our backs on.


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