Two Big Announcements out of Resurgence/Re:Lit

1 Apr
  1. A new VideoGame based off the highly successful church planting fad!?!?
  2. A new Driscoll book on being a man who can really care.

1) Church Planter – The Video Game

Info has just gone up over at but in short this is going to be a fantastic resource for ‘catching ’em young’ and training potential planters. Me thinks Gospel Coach may as well die a death. Click here for more info.

Sweetheart - The Mark Driscoll Story

2) Driscoll’s new book, “Sweetheart.”

One blogger got a pre-release copy to review a while back…still hasn’t hit the shelves, here’s hoping that it will come out before I watch The Notebook…Click here to read the review.


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