I do love April Fools

4 Apr

Call me the biggest fool of all for enjoying such a ‘holiday’ but be fair, it’s nice to have a laugh…and a sanctioned bit of ‘tomfoolery.’

This year I let myself down and didn’t post a fool. Poor planning. Bad Beagle. But it did prompt me to repost one of my favourite in recent history, the Mark Driscoll “Sweetheart” fool from 2010. Classic.

So I thought I’d just remind myself of the japes that I’ve gotten into over the last few years and the fools who fell for them.

1) Google shuts down theprognosis. (2008)

My first internet fool and boy did it get Lewis good. So good in fact that we decided to actually shut it down (and start-up on wordpress…good choice). Those were the days, when we were so ignorant of the internet that we could trick people into thinking that embedding videos could get you sued. Laughs.

2) Google backs down to Christian Voice over negative stereotype. (2009)

Yet again good ol’ Google came to my aid when I wanted to convince(fool) our readership that due to the number of corduroy clad, sweater shop wearing Christians that had been caught by google street-view during New Word Alive that they wanted the pictures taking down for making Christians look out of date and irrelevant. The real joke is that Christianity being relevant has never/will never be an issue for Christian Voice.

3) Calvin was a little bit racist. (2010)

theprognosis was no more…so saintbeagle was the new arena. A hastily invented prank about a newly discovered Calvin text that made him out to be very racist. I didn’t get many with this (although I still got a few!) and vowed to be more prepared for April 1st 2011. Alas I was not so I guess I’m the real fool!

So there you have it. 2011 was just posting to some other humorous fooling around. 2012 will see my fooling raise from the ashes…you have been warned!


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